October 1, 2021 Succeeder Stories

Achievement Story: Hunter Trudeau, Alum, East High School

Hunter Trudeau
East High School alumni Hunter Trudeau credits his high school teachers with fueling his interest in business and human resources. Today, as a Human Resource Assistant at CNOS, Hunter says he is grateful for the educational foundation he received as a student with the Sioux City Community School District.

Sioux City, Iowa – Hunter Trudeau bleeds orange and black.

The youngest of four children, who all graduated from Sioux City Community School District’s East High School, Hunter is a true “Morningsider” through and through. In fact, his mother and grandfather are also East High School alums. The Sioux City native attended Nodland Elementary School and Sunnyside Elementary School before attending East Middle School and East High School.

“My fondest memory in school was show choir. It helped me become the outgoing person I am today and meet my girlfriend Ana,” says Hunter. “Pat Fagan and Tom Hales were some of the best coaches and mentors that I could have asked for.”

Academically, Hunter pursued his interest in business throughout high school, taking multiple business courses during his time at East High School and through the Sioux City Career Academy.

“Mrs. Zyzda from East High School gave me a love for business my freshman year, and I took many more business classes with her during high school because she made it so much fun,” adds Hunter. “I took my first human resource class from Mrs. Dicus in the Career Academy. She was a great teacher because she had so much real-world experience.”

After graduation from East High School, Hunter continued his education at Western Iowa Tech Community College where he received his associate of arts degree in business administration. From there, he pursued his bachelor’s degree at Wayne State College, double majoring in human resource management and business management.

In May 2021, Hunter started a new career as a Human Resource Assistant at CNOS in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota.

As he reflects back on his educational journey, Hunter says the key to personal growth is through learning.

“I was a decent student in K-12, but in college, I pushed myself to do better. I graduated Wayne State with the highest grade in the undergraduate business class,” he says. “I believe my education with the Sioux City Community Schools gave me the foundation to be a better college student and adult learner.”