June 3, 2021 Celebrations

Siouxland elementary students pay visit to crossing guard with window wave parade

Students at Sunnyside Elementary pay visit to crossing guard with window wave parade.

Students from Sunnyside Elementary School enjoyed a field trip Wednesday, taking part in a parade.

However, the parade didn’t travel down Main Street. Instead, the students made a visit to Sunrise Retirement Community, surprising resident Marvin Fickbohm.

Fickbohm is the crossing guard at Sunnyside and is known for waving at all the students and parents each morning. The students said they wanted to do something to give back to him after all he’s done for them.

“I heard that they were planning on doing this but I didn’t know, I mean, he’s wonderful to me, he’s always been a wonderful grandfather and so caring. So, I had no idea that he was a grandfather to so many other little ones, and so that was really incredible that they all came out today to support him,” says Leah Erdmann, Fickbohm’s granddaughter.

Fickbohm’s stay at Sunrise Retirement Community should be temporary as he is battling an illness. The kids said they’re looking forward to his return to school, even if it’s next year.

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