December 13, 2019 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD December Staff Members of the Month

December Staff Members of the Month

Congratulations to all honorees – we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Jessica Jorgensen, Teacher @Sunnyside Elementary School

“Mrs. Jorgensen has been a vital member of our Sunnyside team for a number of years. She works diligently to provide the best possible educational experiences for our students and communicates effectively with all of our staff members and families. Jessica can be seen rolling her portable easel down the hallway traveling from room to room to provide intentional instruction to students. We greatly appreciate all that she does for our Sunnyside Future Raiders!”

Kathleen Hall, Long-Term Substitute Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary 

“Ms. Hall has demonstrated true professionalism while taking on a long-term substitute position to help students in our kindergarten classrooms. She teaches the students in Spanish and also engages the parents for their support. Ms. Hall has gone above and beyond for our students.”

Emalee Barton, Resource Teacher @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary

“Ms. Barton provides great support for our special education students. She is always willing to help teach new skills and support other teachers. She is upbeat, positive, and collaborates well with staff to support students. You can always count on her to help out.”

Julie Moreau, Counselor @ East High School 

“In addition to her daily counseling duties, Julie organizes the Audrie and Daisy showing to the freshman class, coordinates the 8th grade transition day, and provides ACT preparation to students. She also organizes and proctors all AP classes and tests! Julie never turns away staff or students; she is always willing to help. Students and staff trust her and feel comfortable enough with her to seek her out for advice. We hold her and her help in such high regard because she truly puts the students’ needs above all else.”

Brenda Topete Ramirez, Building Assistant @ Unity Elementary

“Brenda is a building office assistant at Unity. She always has a smile on her face and is kind to students. She leads small groups in reading interventions, interprets for our Spanish-speaking families, and stands out front in every weather condition to make sure our students get into the building safely. Brenda is truly an amazing individual and we are so lucky to have her working here at Unity!”

Deb Condon, Teacher @ Unity Elementary

“Deb is an English Language Teacher at Unity and serves our students learning English as their second language. Deb teaches small groups in multiple classrooms and also serves as our coach for students with other needs. She is a great mentor to students and a role model to our community.”

Jodie Mullally, Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary

A staff member at Morningside STEM Elementary said the following about Jodie: “Jodie is an amazing coworker that is always willing to lend a hand. She is kind and patient with her students. She is welcoming to others and is very helpful in determining strategies to support students. Jodie is always calm, patient, and caring with her students and her classroom is a community because of this.” Congratulations, Jodie!

Gricelda Vazquez, ELL Tutor @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary

“Gricelda helps wherever she can and does so with a smile. She oversees classrooms when needed, helps with extra duties, finds supplemental activities for her students, assists our Spanish speaking families, helps in the office, and supports all students that need additional help. We appreciate that she goes above and beyond each and every day! You will often find her helping others during her break time. She is a valuable staff member at Loess Hills!”

Julia Tillo, Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary 

“Mrs. Tillo provides a warm, inviting, and safe classroom environment for all of her students.  She makes sure students feel welcome and secure, which fosters a positive learning environment. The relationships she develops with her students are strong and used as a catapult for student achievement.”

Nancy Lozano, Instructional Assistant @ Irving Dual Language Elementary 

“Mrs. Lozano is always willing to support and help others. She is always kind, patient, and courteous with students, parents, and staff. She makes people feel welcome and she’s a valued member of the Irving family.”

Lisa Myers, 2nd Grade Teacher @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary 

“Lisa is an outstanding second grade teacher who provides her students with a caring, structured, and routine environment. Lisa individualizes her instruction to ensure all of her students needs are being met. Lisa is always willing to assume a leadership position and is truly dedicated to our Hunt students, staff, and families. We are very lucky to have Lisa at Hunt!”

Wendy Arends, Food Service Supervisor @ Liberty Elementary

“Wendy Arends works diligently to ensure that our students receive nutritional meals and snacks through our food service program. She arrives early each morning and stays late to ensure our students have proper meals. Wendy is positive and has great attention to detail. Managing meals for over 700 students is quite the task. She carries this out with a smile and a “can-do” attitude. Wendy has also assisted with events outside of her job duties in order to ensure everything went smoothly. We are grateful for everything she does to “Make it Happen” at Liberty!”

Mariah Ewing, Teacher @ Liberty Elementary

“Mrs. Ewing is a caring and compassionate educator that keeps the students’ needs at the forefront of everything she does. In the classroom, she utilizes strong instructional strategies and support staff to provide an environment effective for student learning. She has been instrumental in mentoring and assisting a long-term substitute for the betterment of student learning and achievement. Thank you Mrs. Ewing for going above and beyond to “Make it Happen” for the staff and students of Liberty Elementary.”

Garry Dicus, School Crossing Guard @ Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary

“Garry has been our faithful and dedicated crossing guard at Spalding Park for many years. Gary knows the names of every student who comes by the crosswalk and gives each one of them a fist bump, a smile, and a positive greeting. Safety is a big priority for Garry and he does an excellent job of keeping our Spalding Park families safe during arrival and dismissal times throughout the school week. Congratulations to Garry for his outstanding service and support as our Spalding Park crossing guard. We appreciate you very much!”

Tamara Kuehl, Instructional Assistant @ East Middle School

“Tamara Kuehl is a valued asset at East Middle School. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help all staff members and students. Tamara is very kind and caring to all who come in the student center office. Students and staff are her first priority at East Middle. She handles many tasks with a positive attitude and a very professional manner. Tamara plays a huge part in making East Middle a place to call home.”

Blake Roberts, ELA Teacher & Debate Coach @ West High School

A student from West High said the following about Blake Roberts: “Blake teaches in a way that helps students remember topics covered in class. He also helps students figure out who they are and what they want to be in life. Blake always helps students who are having a bad day! He is so caring and welcoming to everyone he sees at West High, even if they aren’t in his class. Blake truly cares about his students and helps them the best way he can with whatever they may be going through!”

Ann Baker, Paraprofessional @ Liberty Elementary

“Ann Baker has been a terrific addition to the Liberty staff. Mrs. Baker does anything and everything requested of her to “Make It Happen” for the staff and students. Mrs. Baker works in a variety of classrooms throughout her day and has developed a positive relationship with those staff she works with and those students she guides. Mrs. Baker makes a priority to volunteer at evening events to help foster the home and school partnership. Liberty is lucky to have such a positive and hard-working staff member. Thank you Mrs. Baker for “Making it Happen” for the students of Liberty!”

Sandra Pearson, Attendance Specialist @ Liberty Elementary

“Sandra works daily with families and students to provide support in a variety of ways.  Her primary job is to assist families and promote increased school attendance. She goes above and beyond on a daily basis to work with students who are struggling with various situations. Sandra has a great deal of knowledge when working to get students the support they need. Her hard work is getting more students in school on time every day ready to learn. We are grateful for everything she does to “Make it Happen” for our students!”